“Outstanding quality at a good price. PROTEX ticks all the boxes.” Tony Hill of Juicy Pet Products

Juicy Pet Products provides the dog show fraternity with dog crates, show trolleys and dog grooming supplies from its base in Caernarfon, North Wales. The family-run business was formed in 2012 by Tony Hill who had worked in the world of dog shows for many years. In the process Tony has amassed an unrivalled knowledge of the dog show world and decided to take one step further and produce an own-brand dog show trolley.

Its Titan aluminium dog show trolleys are manufactured on site and are exported all over the world as the reputation for quality, robustness and durability grows. A range of eight trolleys have been designed and developed to suit all breeds of dog from tiny Chihuahuas to massive Bullmastiffs. The company’s mission is to provide the consumer with outstanding quality dog products along with great customer service at competitive prices.

Titan dog show trolleys are created from components manufactured primarily in the UK. It was really important to Tony that he supported British manufacturing and employment. Juicy Pets Products’ association with PROTEX goes right back to the early days with invaluable help provided by our technical team. Tony had experienced issues with poor quality fastenings from China but since he discovered PROTEX toggle fasteners, he says he has never looked back.

Tony says: “The support and guidance I have received from PROTEX has been invaluable and I can’t fault them. They have been with me all the way, even providing me with some free toggle fastener samples in the beginning.”

“Everything about Titan dog show trolleys has to say quality and in the close-knit world of dog shows you can’t afford to lose your reputation by supplying an inferior product. I just wouldn’t be in business today if I didn’t use top-quality toggle clips and catchplates. They provide outstanding quality at a good price. PROTEX ticks all the boxes for me.”

Juicy Pet Products offer a five year warranty on all its dog trolleys so Tony says it is essential that they use durable components that will stand the test of time. He says: “PROTEX has always been able to supply me with the right quality of toggle latch and quantity of component. They are a really well set up operation. A great company for me to work with.”

He uses numerous non-adjustable toggle latches, ranging from light duty latches to heavy duty latches, and catchplates (also known as keeper plates) on each individual the trolley. He continues: “I don’t think they would be half the product they are without PROTEX. We are going from strength to strength – I never envisaged that we would be so busy.”

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Develop New Products with Protex Toggle Latches

The use of Protex over centre fasteners has been integral for the development and on-going success of the Titan dog show trolleys. They feature a range of products, including light duty toggle latches, adjustable toggle latches, over centre latches, catchplates and sealing pins. The majority of the products we sell are available in either a mild steel or stainless steel finish.

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