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  1. A Guide to Toggle Clamps

    Toggle clamps come in various types and are chosen based on the required applications. But what are the different types of toggle clamps?

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  2. The Difference Between Band Clamps & Hose Clips

    Hose clips and bandclamps are terms that are often used interchangeably, but what are the differences between the two fastening clamps? Find out here.

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  3. A Guide To Handles

    Handle Guide - A Guide To Buying Handles

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  4. A Guide To Hinges

    A Guide To Buying Hinges - Hinge Buying Guide

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  5. A Guide To Toggle Latches

    The Ins and Outs of Toggle Latches

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  6. Southco Parts Available on Protex Website

    Southco Products Now Availabe on

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  7. Case Study - GreenMech

    “PROTEX produce a superior quality, well-finished fastening that is ideal for our machinery.” – Tony Turner, Chairman of GreenMech

    GreenMech is a leading British manufacturer of arboricultural machines, with the top-selling wood chipper range in Europe.

    Founded by engineer and entrepreneur Tony Turner in 1993, it designs, manufactures and markets a range of wood chippers and green waste shredders for professional arborists, landscapers and public authorities all over the world...

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  8. PROTEX celebrates National Apprenticeship Week!

    This week PROTEX is proud to support National Apprenticeship Week 2018.

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  9. PROTEX supports re-launch of satellite football club

    On Friday 26 January PROTEX had the pleasure of attending one of the satellite football clubs run by Redditch United in the Community

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  10. PROTEX Supports New Community Initiative

    PROTEX is pleased to announce its involvement in a brand new community initiative for Redditch

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