Wind Turbine Industry Use Protex Latches

Renewable energy is an important part of our energy sources, especially with soaring energy bills!  Wind powered turbines produce clean power and the market for this type of energy generation is growing massively in the current economy. Protex latches supply many of our toggle latches, toggle clamps over centre fasteners to this market sector.

Big machinery required big toggle latches which is why wind turbine manufacturers are particularly interested in our heavy duty and super heavy duty toggle latch range. Our heavy duty fasteners feature an ultimate tensile strength ranging between 1,000kg and 2,5000kg whilst our super heavy duty fasteners can withstand forces up to 7,000kg. Although popular with the wind turbine industry

Heavy Duty Fasteners for Heavy Applications

Learn more about our heavy duty and super heavy duty range of toggle fasteners by viewing our diverse range of stock products online. If you need help or advice on the best toggle latch or over centre fastener for your fastening requirement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply call +44(0)1527 63231 to speak with one of our experts. Alternatively, you can email