"PROTEX has always been known as the best in the business so we’ve never looked elsewhere. The product is always top quality and reliable" - Mark Brown, Extreme Cases

Extreme Cases designs, manufactures and supplies a range of exceptionally hard-wearing equipment cases for extreme environments. It offers highly technical and bespoke solutions for a variety of defence and commercial applications - be they military, marine, scientific or humanitarian.

Its founder Mark Brown set up the business in 2009 after thirty years experience in the case industry, including working for a major US case manufacturer. Mark and the Extreme Team used specialist knowledge gained on major international integration programmes to develop rugged case products that protect sensitive equipment in the field, both in transit and during operations.

Since it was founded, Extreme Cases has gone from strength to strength, quickly gaining a name around the globe for high-quality engineered products, responsiveness and a first-rate level of customer service.

During the last eight years it has been involved in some remarkable projects including a deployable post office for the UK MoD and highly technical rack cases for the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) deployable network program. Their innovative cases are also used by NATO and European Special Forces.

All the cases and containers need to operate in some pretty hostile locations, so selecting the right product materials to suit the specific environment is critical to the success of the brand. The same standard of toughness and reliability also applies to component parts.

We are pleased to say that when it comes to fasteners, the company has always used PROTEX on their aluminium cases. Mark explains: “PROTEX has always been known as the best in the business so we’ve never looked elsewhere. The product is always top quality and reliable – which is essential for us.”

Not only does he find PROTEX products of superior quality, Mark says that he finds the technical support available from our website equally excellent. He says: “It’s really straightforward to download all the component specifications we require as well as get information such as pricing. It’s all very clear, which makes our job so much easier.”

Reliability of parts supply is also fundamental as Mark explains. “Many of Extreme’s projects are urgent with only a six to eight week lead time from design to delivery. We use many hundreds of latches, so consistency of supply is really important. PROTEX understands our requirements and always gives us a great service.”

There are also features of PROTEX products which Mark highly values. He says:

“We particularly like the ProLatch 641-1000MSZN with its integral self-locking feature. Our customers’ appreciate that it can’t be accidently opened during manoeuvres. ”

Extreme Cases and customers also value the tensile strength of our recessed spring-loaded handles 97-596MSZN. Mark explains: “Our clients are reassured to learn that the handles are capable of holding a much heavier weight than specified. Also, operatives in the field appreciate that they don’t damage their knuckles whilst manoeuvring cases due to the generous width of the bail!”

A further innovative feature of the handle that ticks the boxes for Mark is that the grip on the handle bail is made from glass filled nylon. Not only does this offer increased strength and wear resistance but also makes the handles able to withstand the high temperatures of the curing oven encountered during the powder coating paint process that all the aluminium cases need to complete.

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NB: It is worth noting that PROTEX generally supplies latches and catchplates in mild steel zinc plate or stainless steel finish. As is the preferred option with Extreme Cases, our components can be subjected to a specialised paint finish to suit the particular requirements of each application.

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